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Ozanne, Peter

Peter Ozanne
Mary Ann Ozanne
Lawrence F. (son) Ozanne
Oakwood Cemetery, Somers Township, Kenosha County
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Larry & Linda Kopet USGenArchivesProject Wisconsin)

Peter Ozanne
Peter Ozanne was born on the island of Guernsey, in the English Channel, March 27, 1827, and died March 6, 1905, lacking but twenty-one days of being seventy-eight years old.  He was one of the pioneers in this section of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, and for many years was a very prominent and influential man in Somers Township.

James and Rachel (Thoume) Ozanne, the parents of Peter Ozanne, were natives of Guernsey.  They were the parents of four children: three sons and one daughter:
James (married, reared a family, became a physician)
Peter (read this story)
John (died at the age of fifteen years)
Rachel (died in childhood)

James Ozanne and his family came to America, landing in Racine, Wisconsin, June 18, 1842.  On July 4th following, be bought 326 acres of land, located in Somers, Township, Kenosha County, later dividing a portion of this land between his sons, James and Peter, and passed the balance of his life here, dying aged seventy-two years.  He was twice married, his first wife being the other of our subject (Peter).  After her death, he went back to Guernsey where he married Mary Carre, who still lives in Somers Township; she has been blind for some years.  Four children were born to this union:
Alfred C. of Tempe. Arizona
Helena, widow of H.A. Hitler, of Somers Township
Miss Emma, of Somers Township
Edward G., of Somers Township

On March 28, 1849, Peter Ozanne was married to Miss Mary Ann LeMessurier, who was born April 17, 1832 in Guernsey, and six children were born to them, as follows:
Mary Ann (died aged five months)
Pierre T.(single and living on the homestead with his brother, Lawrence E.)
Lawrence E. (living on the homestead with his brother, Pierre T.)
Clarence F. (twin brother of Lawrence E. died in 1884, aged twenty years and three days)
Rosa A. (married Fred L. Holmes, lives at South Haven, Michigan and has five living children)
Charles H. (died in 1877, aged nine years, eleven months and twenty-four days)

For a period of nineteen years, Peter Ozanne was Town Clerk continuously; for a number of years he was Town Treasurer, was Clerk of School District No. 7, and for a few years was Secretary of the Somers Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

The farm which Mr. Ozanne originally owned in Somers Township, a gift from his father, contained eighty-seven acres, two acres having since been sold.  To have lived in one locality for sixty-three years and to have, during that time, gained the respect and esteem of one's fellow citizens and preserved it to the end, is a pretty fair test of a man's quality, and such was the case with Peter Ozanne.  His remains rest in Oakwood Cemetery.  he was a consistent member of the Methodist Church.

Pierre T. Ozanne
Oakwood Cemetery, Township of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Larry & Linda Kopet, USGenWebArchivesProject Wisconsin)

Mother:  Mary Ozanne (Born 1832)
Father: Peter Ozanne (Born 1827)

Rachel Ozanne
Oakwood Cemetery, Township of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Larry & Linda Kopet, USGenWebArchivesProject Wisconsin)

Ozanne, Maria Fidelia Kellogg

Maria Kellogg Ozanne
Oakwood Cemetery, Town of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Larry & Linda Kopet, US GenWebArchivesProjectWisconsin)

Maria Kellogg Ozanne died Feb. 16, 1904 in Winnebago, Wis.

Maria Fidelia, daughter of Austin Kellogg, born in Cicero, New York, 2 September married in Princeton, Wisconsin; 21 Sept 1851 Dr. James Ozanne born in the Isle of British Channel 21 May 1825, son of James Ozanne and Rachel Thomne died in Somers, Wisconsin 24 July 1891.  He was a physician was graduated from Hahnemann Medical College Chicago 1862 and res in Somers, Wis.  Was an Episcopalian and a Republican.  After his death, Marie res in Oshkosh, Wis. with her eldest son.

Children born in Somers James Thomne Ozanne born 13 Aug. 1853 married 8 June Carrie Jane Barnes res in Oshkosh. Rachel Amelia Ozanne born 26 June 1858 married in Somers 25 1884 Rev. ML Harris res in Rockford, Ill. Walter Henry Ozanne born 9 Oct 1861 died 1 May 1888. Gail Austin Ozanne born 31 May 1863 died 21 Mar 1883. Irvine Eugene Ozanne born 28 July 1865 unm.  Herbert Giles Ozanne born 13 July 1869 is unm
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Oshkosh Daily, May 25, 1909
Application of Clara M. Kellogg to admit to Probate the Last Will and Testament of Marie A. Kellogg of Oshkosh.

Ozanne, Gail

Gail Austin Ozanne
Oakwood Cemetery, Somers Township, Kenosha County, Wisconsin
(Source:  Photo courtesy of Larry & Linda Kopet, USGenWebArchivesProject Wisconsin)

Gail Austin Ozanne was born May 31, 1863 and died March 31, 1883.
She was the daughter of Dr. James Ozanne and Maria Fidelia Kellogg.  Maria was the daughter of Austin Kellogg, one of the first settlers in Somers.

1870 U.S. Census for Somers Township
James Ozanne
Maria Fidelia Kellogg
James T., age 16
Rachel A., age 11
Walter H., age 8
Gail A., age 6
Irving, age 4
Herbert, age 10/12