July 07, 2013

Buswell, Moses, Lucy, Otto, Clara

Buswell Family
Oakwood Cemetery
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  Copyright October 2011)

Moses C. Busell
"One by one the old pioneer residents of Somers are passing away, and this week we are called upon to chronicle the death of Moses C. Buswell, who died at his home on Thursday morning, December 2, at the age of seventy-five years.  The deceased was born in Warren, N.H. January 2, 1923, and at the age of twenty years he accompanied his parents westward, their purpose being to seek a home in the west where land could be had cheap, the family arriving in Southport, Kenosha County, in the early 1840's.  Moving to the Town of Paris they engaged in farming.  The subject of this sketch soon returned to the east where he chose a companion for life's journey, being married to Miss Lucy J. Gardner of Hornby, N.Y. on September 3, 1848.
The young couple soon arrived in Paris and settled on a farm.  Mr. Buswell having developed an early fondness for teaching school, devoted a part of his time in the district schools instructing the children of the neighborhood.  He manifested such an interest in the welfare of the schools that he was appointed school inspector, which office he held for a number of years.  In early life he had realized that there was something far better than the goods of this world for which to live and as he grew up to the years of manhood his faith in God grew stronger and stronger.  Standing on this solid foundation he united with the church and took an active part in later years in building and organizing the Free Baptist Church of Paris, in Kenosha county.  Being a resident of Somers for several years he had the respect of all who knew him and in all his dealings with his fellow men, honesty was one of his principal characteristics.
Eleven children were born to them as follows:  Ezra M. of Concord, N.H.; John H. of Churdan, Iowa; Malvina M., Whiting, Kansas; Alfonse M. is dead; Charles H. of Minona, Minn.; Mary L. of Kenosha; William H. of Eagle Grove, Iowa; Genevieve is dead; Ottawa F. who occupies the farm; Moses C. of Burnette Junction, Wisconsin and James O. of Watertown, Wisconsin.
The funeral services were held on Saturday morning from the house and were conducted by Rev. Dickinson of Mygatt's Corners.  He chose for his text a part of the 21st verse of the 1st chapter of Philippians.  "To die is gain."  The remains were interred in Oakwood Cemetery."
(Source:  Racine Daily Journal, publication date, December 7, 1897.)

Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Buswell, who have resided for four years in Concord, N.H., visited his brother Otto and family last week.  They have departed for Beatrice, Nebraska, where they will make their future home, having resided there previous to their location in the past.
(Source:  Racine Daily Feb. 8, 1899)