Somers Pioneer Family Info

Somers, Wisconsin Pioneer History
This is my first blog. It is a free and easy resource where you will learn about the lives of Somers early pioneers, enjoy photographs, vintage maps, and much more.  This blog focuses on the people themselves, farmhouses, barns, churches, schools, and businesses in the early settlement of Somers Township.
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Somers, Wisconsin Neighborhood News
This is the third of my web sites of my Somers, Wisconsin pioneer history blogs. This blog is a collection of entries published in a weekly column of the Racine Journal Times and it's forerunners called "Neighborhood News". Mrs. Minnie Ozanne, a Somers pioneer, was the reporter who started writing the column when horse and buggies were in vogue. Mrs. Ozanne's faithful recording of daily events and 'personals' opens an insightful window into the lives of our early settlers.
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